How do I pay for my subscription box?

Paying for your monthly wine subscription hasn’t been easier – all you need to do is choose the package, select a monthly option, proceed to the checkout where you will be asked to subscribe to the subscription newsletter – and pay. From there, you’ll need to enter your details, and set-up the direct debit.

Choose Your Wine Subscription Box 

The Discovery Wine Club 


Our most popular wine box subscription, a monthly wine delivery of 6 wines, of which 3 will be featured in our tasting events. Free UK delivery included – minimum term is 6 months.

Limited to 100 available  

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The Bold Adventure Wine Box 


A hugely sought after case, you will receive the most exclusive vintages in a 12 bottle case, once per month + free ticket to all PTC events throughout the year. Free UK delivery included – min term is 6 months.

Limited to only 10 available

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