Why You Should Switch From Beer to Wine

beer to wine

Which is better, wine or beer? This age-old debate has become incredibly dull since the answer is abundantly clear. The fact that wine just tastes better than beer goes without saying, so we’ve not included that as one of our reasons.

However, if you’re on the cusp of switching from beer to wine, but aren’t sure why you should drink wine over beer, we have 5 awesome reasons to tempt you to make the leap.

1. Beer bellies aren’t sexy

One pint of lager has the same alcohol content (roughly) as a medium-sized glass of wine, which is approximately 2-3 British units. However, the speed at which you become inebriated depends on the speed at which the alcohol enters your bloodstream.

Spirits enter your bloodstream the quickest, followed by wine, followed by beer. Meaning that a glass of wine will go to your head quicker than a pint of beer. In order to feel the effects of the alcohol from the lager, you will need to consume twice as many pints of lager than the person drinking a glass of wine.

Now, when it comes to calories in alcohol, beer outstrips the rest of its compadres – one pint of beer has 50% more calories than a glass of wine. If each pint has 50% more calories, and you’re drinking two pints compared to every one glass of wine your buddy is, your belly is going to outgrow theirs at an alarming rate.

2. Wine is one of the healthiest forms of alcohols available

Dieticians compared the 5 healthiest alcohols you should be drinking, and red wine is top of the list – followed by champagne and tequila, and let’s be fair, unless you’re an 18-year-old living in Magaluf, tequila is not going to be something you imbibe regularly.

We seem to have it ingrained in our psyche that alcohol automatically equals unhealthy, but study after study keeps dispelling that myth. Drinking alcohol isn’t always unhealthy (when done in moderation) and certain types of alcohol actually offer some surprising health benefits.

We also discussed how resveratrol in wine can help protect against the onset of type-2 diabetes, how it can boost cardiovascular health, how it can slow the ageing process and how it can tackle acne.

So, if you are going to sup on alcohol and you’re concerned about your health, wine is one of the healthiest forms of alcohol you could choose.

Beer just makes you fat.

3. Is there a better combination than wine and cheese?

There are some truly fantastic food pairings out there: salt and vinegar, sushi and pickled ginger, beef and horseradish, ham and pickle, and wine and cheese.

Whoever heard of a beer and cheese party? No one, because it doesn’t work.


The theory is that astringent and fatty foods oppose each other so well that they actually create a balanced mouthfeel. Cheese is fatty and it coats the mouth making it feel oily and slippery; wine, on the other hand, is astringent, it dries your mouth out.

Combine that cheese bite with a wine chaser and the astringent compounds in the wine, the tannins that naturally dry your mouth out as they bind with the lubricant proteins in your saliva, counter the oily cheese feel, harmoniously restoring the balance of your mouth, and leaving you wanting to experience more.

You don’t get that with beer. With beer you get bloated.

4. Wine gets better with age

Sure you can consume your wine as soon as your front door slams shut behind you, but in some cases, if you lay it down, its taste will come on in leaps and bounds. You can’t say that about beer.

The tannins, the chemicals found in grapes that are used to make the wine, can give the wine a bitter taste if the wine is too young when it is drunk.

If however, you let the same wine rest quietly in a cool, dark room for a few years, those tannins work hard to transform from a spikey bitter encounter to a silky smooth, experience. Think punk rock versus Frank Sinatra. Totally worth the wait.

Beer? Beer just goes off.  

5. Wine is more sophisticated than beer

This is one is purely socially driven, but think about it:

Would you go on a first date and knockback 10 pints as if you were out on a night with the lads? No, you’d order a bottle of wine and pretend to have some decorum.

Do you drink wine or beer in church?

Do you make toasts with champagne or beer?

Do you take a bottle of wine to someone’s house for supper or a 6 pack of beer?

Case in point.

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