Why do some wines give you a Headache?

Why do some wines give you a Headache

A common question these days – Why do some wines give you a Headache? Aside from drinking too much, there could be a legitimate reason for your pain!

Some people believe that post-wine headaches are caused by sulphites but this myth has since been debunked by experts. Instead, we should be pointing the finger at Histamines. Histamines which are found in the skins of the grapes, seem to give some people headaches if they are sensitive to histamines. Red wine will affect a histamine sensitive drinker more than white wine because red wine has spent more time in contact with the grape skins.

The type of wine you choose will make a difference to the headaches – next time try a dry wine, dry wines are low in sugar so are less likely to give your brain pain.

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