Why Buy Organic Food if You’re Not Going to Buy Organic Wine?

Organic Food

If you’re investing your hard earned money ensuring that you eat well by only purchasing organic food, you are doing yourself a disservice if you aren’t then purchasing organic wine too. It’s actually incredibly surprising how few organic devotees truly follow through all the way on their quest to only nourish their bodies with organic produce, by not then buying organic wine.

Which is ironic, given that wine grapes are notoriously one of the most heavily pesticide-sprayed crops in the fruit and veg world. So one would naturally assume, therefore, that if you were insistent on only buying organic food, it would stand to reason that you would insist on buying organic wine.

But that just isn’t the case.

So if you’re not already buying organic wine, here are a few reasons we think you should reconsider.

Why you should be buying organic wine

1. The environmental benefits.

When you decide to purchase organic wine you aren’t just doing your body a great deed, you are doing one for the environment too. Organically grown grapes that are made into organic wine are grown without the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or chemicals, all of which are not just detrimental to our own health, but the health of the planet too.

Organic farming is also renowned for creating less pollution than standard farming, as well as requiring less energy to make it work.

2. Your body benefits.

If you insist on only eating organic food, you probably do so because you realise the health benefits it affords your wellbeing. Organic food contains more nutrients, including antioxidants than its non-organic counterparts, and as it is grown without the use of manmade chemicals, allergy sufferers typically find their allergies are reduced and symptoms can even go away entirely, when they remove chemicals commonly found in non-organic food, out of their diets.

The same benefits apply if you opt for organic wine because organic wine is made from organic grapes. And if you only eat organic grapes, why not only drink organic wine?

3. Organic produce tastes better.

There is no denying it, one of the main reasons you prefer organic food over standard food is because it just tastes better. If you’ve ever eaten a conventional carrot and then eaten an organic one, you can attest to this statement – organic produce tastes like it supposed to taste. And the reason for this is very simple: it hasn’t had its flavour tampered with or altered, through the addition of chemicals. And the same is true for organic wine.

If you want to experience wine the way you’re supposed to enjoy it, just try a glass of organic wine. You’ll notice, thanks to the significant reduction in sulphites, that the aroma is enhanced, it tastes fresher and the flavour is much deeper, more complex, inherent, pure.

4. Organic wine and organic food are a match made in organic heaven.

If you’re keen to pair food with wine, why, if you’re serving up delicious organic fare, would you serve an organic, grass-fed steak with a regular red? How unfair to the cow is that?

No, show organic produce the respect and love it deserves, and make sure everything you eat and serve is accompanied by an organic wine.

And if you aren’t sure which one to go for, here are a few of our recommended pairings:

  • Pizza – If you’re wondering what organic wine works with pizza, Ottavio Rube Rosso is the answer. ‘A dry, pleasantly bitter taste in which there are recurrent hints of dog roses and in which the fruitiness is successfully combined with the tang of tannin’. The grapes that go into this wine are still stomped by bare feet, and what better rustic accompaniment to such a rustic cuisine is there?
  • Beef fillet – Don’t leave your steak hanging, let it synergise with this organic delight. The Domaine des Pasquiers Cotes du Rhone is a superb blend of 75% Grenache and 25% Syrah, resulting in a ‘bright cherry and black fruits balanced by a lovely freshness with a satisfying, smooth finish’.
  • Pasta dishes – The Caiaffa Primitivo is the perfect organic partner for pasta dishes, grilled meat with potatoes and aged cheeses. Silky smooth with a pleasant balance of forest fruits, this wine is bright, light and easy.
  • Salads – The Touraine Sauvignon Blanc is quite simply phenomenal. This ‘brisk, dry, crisp white with fresh fruit flavours’, goes exceptionally well with asparagus or a soft, peppery goats cheese.
  • Chicken – Our Viña Ijalba Rioja Genol is ‘dry, vivid and fresh’, the perfect organic pairing for a whole range of food, but works exceptionally well with chicken, thanks to its ‘clean, citrusy quality’.
  • Antipasti – Pair your antipasti or octopus salad with this fizzy organic delight. 47 Anno Domini Prosecco is produced by third generation growers, brothers with a real passion for quality and a need to farm organically. This is a prosecco ‘rich in mouth-feel with vibrant, persistent bubbles, and fresh orchard fruit aromas’.

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