Which Wines Are The Best For Your Health?

The Best For Your Health

That question you are probably asking yourself every Monday night – ‘Which Wines Are The Best For Your Health‘? These health benefits should inspire you to pour a glass of our sustainable wine tonight.

You may have heard that wine offers health benefits… Some of what you hear may be wishful thinking or the exaggerated truth, however, some theories are in fact based in truth!


Wine is actually full of antioxidants, these antioxidants attack bad germs wherever they may lurk. Wine has even said to best for your health in this department (when drunk in moderation of course!) that it can fight off free radicals which can cause some pretty terrible health conditions, including cancer.

Your wine of choice for antioxidants is organic or natural white wine! A study which was done by the University of Barcelona concluded that the phenols in organic or natural white wine had equal, if not even higher antioxidants than those found in standard red wine. This is of particular interest seeing as most people hold the view that red wine provides us with the most health benefits when consumed in moderation. This is not always the case for it being red wine.

Organic Wine lowers your cholesterol

The procyanidins which are present in Organic red wine promote a healthy heart and therefore a lower cholesterol. Furthermore, organic red wine is said to benefit blood pressure, so if you struggle with high blood pressure or high cholesterol, best get pouring yourself a glass! Your excuse is that it is medicinal and is the best for your health!!

Natural wine boosts your immune system

Wine should not be used as a replacement for your vitamins, but drinking a glass of natural wine can actually give your immune system a wee boost! Moderate wine consumption can ward off pending infections and keep you healthier via your immune system.

It reduces the risk of Cancer

Researchers at Harvard Medical School found that;

“Men who drink an average of four to seven glasses of red wine per week are only 52 percent as likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer as those who do not drink red wine. In addition, red wine appears particularly protective against advanced or aggressive cancers.”

We certainly don’t need another excuse to drink wine, but if it can help against the vicious battle against cancer, then we’ll happily pour a glass. If you’re looking for a red high in resveratrol, then opt for a nice glass of Bordeaux.


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