What’s Holding Back the Mother’s Day Wine Industry?

Last Updated: February 10th, 2021

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! And for many sons and daughters, the question of what to buy mother dearest on this important occasion weighs heavy on their minds. What, after all, does one get the woman who has everything? “A nice bottle of wine!” your musing mind may suggest… But all-too-often we shout the familiar urge down.


What’s preventing dutiful daughters and sophisticated sons from giving Mum what she really wants? Here we’ll look at some of the common arguments holding back the Mother’s Day Wine Industry and counter with some reasons why wine is it’s actually a great gift…

It’s not permanent

So what? Nothing is. While the wine itself may be consumed within 24 hours or so, every wine connoisseur remembers those most special bottles. The memory will last her years and she can even keep the bottle as a memento. It might make for a more meaningful keepsake than a lot of the stuff we tend to see in gift shops.

But Mum’s on a diet!

Mum’s on a health kick? No problem! When enjoyed in moderation, good wine can actually be beneficial for her health. Wine tends to be high in antioxidants and it can aid heart health, healthy gut flora and even help to maintain healthy blood pressure. Plus, you can rest easy in the knowledge that a lot of our wines are made from organic grapes!

Hmmm, what about sustainability?

Sustainability is important to us, too! We know just how impactful the choices we make as consumers can be for the planet and the people who grow what we eat and drink. That’s why you won’t find an online wine store that’s more committed to sustainability and ethical trading.

Isn’t good wine expensive?

We think it’s time that wine and elitism were finally and completely divorced from one another. That’s why we work tirelessly to bring our customers the very finest sustainable, vegan and organic wines at the very best prices. Who says that only the ridiculously wealthy should have access to good wine? We think your dearest Mum deserves the very best quality wine at a price that won’t leave you out of pocket.

So, take a moment to browse our great selection. We’re sure you’ll find something she’ll love!

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