What’s all the fuss about Orange Wine?

Orange Wine

In our eyes, Orange wine is certainly becoming the new white wine! At Pull The Cork we tend to pride ourselves in constantly evolving and trying new things, and this is where Orange wine comes into the question, it can occasionally be super vibrant and refreshing, on the other hand of the spectrum it can also be as sour as an old Somerset cider…

What is it?

I guess the simple answer to a high percentage of your questions is – No it’s not made from Oranges… Orange wine in the simplest form is a white wine made like a red by fermenting the juice on the skins. This gives the wine a more full-bodied, tannic character, and depth of colour, which ranges from pale gold to deep bronze, this completely depends on how long the skin contact is for; sometimes days, sometimes several months.


In our eyes, and as previously mentioned Orange wine is fast becoming the new white wine alternative, there are so many different countries that are now experimenting with these winemaking techniques; for example Slovenia – Čotar Malvazija 2015, which is made to be more full-bodied with hints of spice, quince and clove, whereas the same wine from France – Les Arabesques Ocarina 2015, is simply the most refreshing and easy going wine you will find on the market. Orange wine is a hugely diverse product and we have seen that it is catching on very quickly with consumers – they want to try something different, which if you presented this wine 5 years ago, I think a lot of people might turn their nose up to it.

What does it Pair with?

In all honesty, this has been playing on my mind all week…I haven’t yet found anything wholesome that really pairs perfectly with Orange wine, It’s good with salads, but then again it depends what you have in the salad, if there is a bunch of citrus fruit then it won’t work. Fish…I have tested it with Haddock, Cod, smoked mackerel and lighter fish, and so far I haven’t found a match, but as an aperitif or wine to have with canapes it is simply perfect!! I would almost go so far as to say that it can be a great rosé replacement if you haven’t tried it yet – honestly do not be afraid, it’s simply sublime! 

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