Last Updated: May 12th, 2021

Only joking, I was just trying to grab your attention, but it worked, so please do keep reading!


What do you think about our exciting new letterbox wine model that we will announce in 2019?? This model eliminates the use of glass and is made from recycled materials. These bottles may look less solid than glass but they’re designed to endure the worst of courier services (I can name a few) and to all of you reading this they are created as environmentally sustainable as possible. The bottles are blown, in the UK, from plastic already in circulation. The model that we are about to produce is not available on the market at the moment and we are looking for a handful of lovely investors, so if you think this could be something of interest – please do get in touch! 

So, stay tuned, get yourself in line by supporting us, and help us reach our goal to push out this incredible new recyclable idea, that we have already gained a lot of excitement about.

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