We Have Scrapped Our Minimum Order!! ?

Last Updated: April 14th, 2021

We are trialling a new (to Pull The Cork) single bottle service which allows you to buy just one bottle at a time, rather than being able to buy 6 bottles of the same wine!

Should this move be rewarding for both the customer and Pull The Cork, we hope that in a few months we can totally scrap the minimum six-bottle purchase altogether. In a move towards clearer pricing, if you buy any six bottles of wine in the future, we hope to be able to offer discounts and even start our own reward and referral programme where you can benefit from recommending us to your wine-loving friends. We hope that there will be no barriers to shopping with Pull The Cork, the pricing structure is very straightforward and I’m sure you will see this as a great move.

How do I buy just one bottle or a selection of bottles?

If you head on over to the home-page of the website, at the top you will see a header as shown below, all you need to do is simply click on SINGLE BOTTLES, find the wine, or wines that you’d like to buy, and check out as you would normally. Delivery prices are calculated on the number of bottles that you have in your cart. At the moment for 1-2 bottles delivery is £5.00, and anything more is £8.00 (Mainland UK). These bottles will be shipped for next day delivery.

Will your single bottle selection increase?

100% yes, at the moment this really is just a trial, we need to know that the fulfilment process works, and when it does, we will be slowly but surely increasing our selection. You might notice that we have also thinned out our portfolio recently, this is because we need to add some more delicious and exciting wines to our portfolio – Out with the old, In with the new!!

Click here to view our current single bottle selection.

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