We are Crowdfunding on Indiegogo!!


As everyone likes a surprise, we’ve got one for you!! We are now officially crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Indiegogo is a platform to fund ingenious, work-in-progress products and ideas. Although contributing to a campaign is not the same as purchasing a product, when you support a crowdfunding project, you help bring ideas to life!

We want everyone to know about the incredibly diverse range of wines that we stock at Pull The Cork- and we want everyone to be enjoying them! So far we have not launched any major marketing campaigns to drive people to our site, yet we have seen week-on-week growth in sales since we started trading in January 2018. We know that investment in a targeted marketing campaign will help take our business to the next level and raise our profile as a pioneer in the sustainable wine world. By pledging your support, you will also be supporting the small, independent producers and the growing trend of sustainable wine in the UK market.

For what we have set up and are continuing to push – perk based, rather than equity-based crowdfunding is the most logical and practical way to raise the money. Pull The Cork is now ready to be rolled out and reach a larger audience of wine consumers. We are proud of the achievements so far and we have a strong belief in our purpose. We are offering you some goodies and some mega discounts that you can use as many times as you wish.

Why Are We Different?

Customer First: we have spent the past year creating a user-friendly online marketplace that helps customers of all ages (18+) discover a suitable sustainable wine for any occasion. We offer mixed cases and a subscription model to ensure our customers get the chance to try as many different wines as they can.

Reactive: Unlike traditional wine merchants or retailers, we buy and deliver straight from the best suppliers in the UK. Everything we sell is stored exactly as the producer wants it to be, and we are not limited to selling our own products. We can react to consumer demand at the push of a button which means we always aim to get the best price at the right time.

Dynamic Product Range: We have spent the last decade building relationships with UK wholesalers that other wine retailers do not have necessarily access to.

Unique Business Model: Our operations model is totally unique to the wine trade – we work closely with suppliers of the products, and we manage a closed-loop supply chain to meet fulfilment demands. At the same time, we maintain a unique independent position to make instant changes anywhere in the chain, guaranteeing a continuous, compelling and relevant offer to the consumer.

Margin: We demand an industry standard product margin, without the industry standard overheads and capital investment in stocks and goods.

The funds will be used to finance our international growth, kick off an international marketing campaign, and launch a very exciting new sustainable & fully recyclable subscription model.

If buying a perk is not your thing, and you’d like to pledge your support by a means of a monetary sum, you can do this on our IndieGoGo page here >> every little help takes Pull The Cork to the next level. Please help us grow by sharing this to anyone and everyone!

Please forward this to any friends and family who may be interested. Thank you so much!!

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