Undiscovered wines of Greece

wines of Greece

For one of the oldest wine producing wine regions in the world, the wines of Greece haven’t risen quickly. Greece has been known for producing wines that don’t necessarily give it a good name – to name one; Retsina…Retsina is a uniquely flavoured wine to say the very least! A wine that is made using pine resin, from grapes such as Savatiano with Assyrtiko and Rhoditis. I bet you’re now asking; Why is pine resin added to the wine?? Well, you can thank the Romans! Before glass bottles were brought into the world they would add resin during fermentation to help keep the air out of the wine..

After many a wine tasting exploring some pretty interesting Greek wines, we have finally found an amazing supplier! He has probably the largest collection of the best affordable sparkling wines out of Greece, and the most exciting and unique red wine brands I have ever come across. To name a few; Domaine KaranikaMylonas winery and Alpha Estate.

Domaine Karanika was founded by husband & wife team Laurens Hartman and Annette van Kampen. Laurens & Annette farm their vineyards organically and are utilising bio-dynamic practices. They work with the growers to ensure they are obtaining top-quality, organically grown grapes which fit perfectly within the Pull The Cork ethos!! 

wines of greece

Laurens and Annette produce three of our wines, two are both sparkling and one is a red wine, the sparkling wines are both produced as a dry wine – but both rich and yeasty like a vintage Champagne, but obviously half the price!! The Red is impressively dry but has tonnes of characteristics of ripe blackberries, leather, vanilla, and sun-dried tomatoes, which makes this wine the perfect pairing to slow roasted Lamb!

wines of Greece

The Mylonas winery – this is one of my more favourite Greek wines I have tried lately, not only is the labelling creative and fun, but the juice inside is lively, tropical and perfumed – it is literally the perfect Greek salad wine!!  The Mylonas winery has gained a significant amount of awards such as Decanter World Wine Awards and Decanter Asia Wine Awards.

wines of Greece


Of course, we always save the best until last; Alpha Estate! These estate wines are characterized by cold winters with sufficient rainfall and snow to provide the vines with the necessary water supplies to endure the relatively dry summers. We stock wines from their Ultra Premium range, they’re regarded as some of the best wines that are produced in Greece at the moment. One of their wines has recently been rated by Robert Parker – awarding it a 90 point wine – which in wine terms is pretty damn significant!!

Greek Wines

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