Understanding the Ardèche Par Nature approach

Par Nature
Last Updated: June 7th, 2021

Recently we have been lucky enough to have taken on a cracking collection of everyday drinking wines from Ardèche Par Nature.

The vineyard is situated on the southern side of the southern part of Ardèche on the Rhone Valley’s right bank. Par Nature is operated by Vignerons Ardechois, which when it started back in the twelfth century was just a handful of farmers and winemakers. Now the Vignerons Ardechois is operated by over 1,500 winemakers who all share the same respect for sustainable farming. The vines are selected and managed to ensure low yields. Special care is taken during the entire growing cycle, especially in terms of limiting chemical treatments. A strict checklist is followed from winemaking through to bottling, thereby guaranteeing this product’s traceability

Par Nature

The Ardèche Par Nature wines are the true witness to our health and the environment

Bees play a pivotal role in maintaining the plant biodiversity. Without pollinating insects, more than 70% of the plant species grown for our food (including almost all fruit, veg and seeds) are under threat. The development of the wine does not require pollination, and yet more and more winegrowers have decided to install some hives into their vineyard, in order to preserve all the auxiliary insects that contribute to the balance of the ecosystem. They have chosen to practice a viticulture respectful of their environment. Which begins with the removal of all insecticides and fungicides that are the most harmful for bees.

Some proof that beekeeping can have a positive effect;

  • Every day a single bee forages up to 700 flowers.
  • For 500gr of honey, 1 bee would forage more than 8 million flowers.
  • 3km, this is the radius of action of a bee.
  • 80% of flowering plants depend on the pollination of bees.

Ardèche Par Nature has always been seen as a natural site. Surrounded by natural borders, the Rhône to the east, the Massif Central and the Cèvenes Mountains to the west, it offers an incredible diversity of landscapes and ecosystems. With its countless rivers including the Ardèche which has shaped it’s famous gorges, its rows of mountains as far as the eye can see, it’s verdant and generous forests, rich in chestnuts and truffles and it’s fields of lavender…the Ardèche offers us the desired nature that we all very much want to preserve. This is the aim of the ‘Ardèche par nature’ project; to love, protect and get the Ardèche known to everyone. The Par Nature approach aims to protect humans, flora, and animals living in the best possible balance.

“All these steps are designed to preserve the soil, for many generations and for the generations to come. The goal is to leave a fertile exploitation if one day my children wish to take over.”

Par Nature

These wines are simply incredible quality and price and are the best tasting everyday drinking wines I have come across to date.

You can take a look at the Ardèche Par Nature wines here >>>

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