Top 5 under-reported benefits of natural red wine

natural red wine

Wine, or variants of it, have been around for millennia, with the earliest version of Pull the Cork around over six thousand years ago in Armenia – well, a winery producing natural red wine – which is what we sell. That cave was also the site of the oldest brain, the earliest shoe, and a straw skirt. All the right priorities – smarts, fashion and wine.

So evidence of wine, it would seem, suggests our civilisation has grown with it, perhaps because of its many unusual benefits.


The first, therefore, the seriously underrated benefit of natural red wine, is its mind-numbing quality, that essential ingredient to human evolution and the growth of civilisation.

Looking out over the rocks of ancient Armenia, with not much more to do that roll dice, bash bronze into weapons, and survive till you were 30 without tooth decay, would have been tough. No selfies to take, no promotion to gun down. It may well have taken the edge off the day to sip the naturally fermented wine juice.

In fact, it is likely that the mind-numbing quality of natural wine has played an important role in the development of human society. Cities and civilisations exploded along warm latitudes suitable to grape growth, trade, and the excesses of the burgeoning aristocracy, tyrants and despots.

Libations in sacrifices, Dutch courage before a battle, the erotic diplomacy of Cleopatra’s court, all were well lubed by wine, and natural red wine in particular no doubt, like white grapes used for white wine, was bred by accident, from red grapes. Why even the President of the European Union is understood to enjoy a glass of red during important discussions.

So the major underrated benefit of natural red wine – true during the dull days of the Bronze age era to the height of negotiating a social policy for 508 million people (soon to be 441 million) – is the mind-numbing qualities required to take the edge off establishing a human population of 7 billion people.


In that same period of time, scientists have been able to provide evidence of claim and counter-claim of the health benefits of wine, and natural red wine in particular. Yet, according to this authoritative and exhaustive study of the studies, provided here by Vox, whether you drink natural red wine, white, or spirits – it’s all much of a muchness. By which I mean, it’s all about how much you drink, or don’t drink, that’s the source of any benefit – such as reduced diabetes risk, heart disease, joie de vivre, etc.

So that the second under-valued benefit of natural red wine could well be that because it’s just so damn nice scientists want to keep finding out why a great bottle of red (dispersed in moderate unit portions imbibed responsibly according to the latest government guidelines) makes life better, creating jobs everywhere.


The third under-rated benefit of natural red wine is its ability to smooth over any number of difficulties with the neighbours, friends, or estranged family members by presenting it as a gift. Turning up at someone’s front door after your burglar alarm has been sounding for four days while you were on holiday abroad is a thoughtful way to say sorry – and thanks for breaking in to turn it off.


The fourth benefit of natural red wine is, of course, that it is a possible help for those who suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome. This common blood circulation phenomenon can turn your fingers oddly red, or white, and leave extremities feeling cold – especially to another touching them. A glass of natural red can help with blood circulation, opening capillaries, and returning warmth to digits and noses. This is particularly helpful when considering the next benefit if there’s any ‘chill’ involved.


The fifth under-rated benefit of natural red wine is its ability to make Cheese flavoured kettle chips taste totally amazing. In fact, it is almost possible to conceive that the very apex of all our advances in civilisation is the ability to sit on a couch, pour a bottle of natural red into a glass, crack open a bag of cheese flavoured kettle chips, and consume while watching a box set on Netflix. Even as we do so, we are surrendered still to the certain knowledge that these underrated benefits of natural red wine, handed down the centuries, are common to all mankind, whenever he lived.

Why not join that crescendo of civilisation and order some natural red wine from our abundance available here. This week I’d recommend our Olivier Riviere Rayos Uva Rioja 2016, which produced by Olivier Riviere is one of the most balanced wines I think we have tasted! Rivière tends to follow a technique of producing cuvées holistically across terroir and uses a quality grading imported from Burgundy, starting with generic appellations and village wines, and moving up to Grand Cru. This is instead of the local tradition of Crianza, Reserva and Gran Reserva.natural red wine

Super fresh and gently reductive young black cherry fruits, with a sappy edge, too. Give this some air. The palate has a smooth, deeply flavoursome style. Cassis and cherry fruits hold pure. Drink now.


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