The Xarel-lo varietal, Or is it Xarello or Xarel.lo?


The Catalans love confusing us, and I often get caught out, asking myself how on earth, why an earth!?

For those of you that are like me and get confused on wording quite often, this explanatory blog will hopefully help you out. Recently I have been trying a lot of new (to PTC) wines and have stumbled across quite a few amphorae Xarel-lo’s. When I was uploading one to the site this week, I was at a crossroads with the spelling and this is what leads me to write this today.

I have always spelt it Xarelo, but in the price list that I was taking the wine from it was spelt Xarel-lo – this was hugely confusing!! After some time speaking to a mate that is very good at Spanish, he told me that the Catalans do this quite often, so I set out to find the correct way of spelling the word! Pronouncing the word is also a myth, In Catalan they say shah-RELL-lo; in Castilian, hah-RELL-lo; in English, zah-RELL-oh.

Apparently, the English though are to blame for the confusion, as we strip every word that is not in the English language down to make it easier for us all to pronounce. I’m not sure why the Xarel-lo or Xarel.lo spellings came about but the reasoning behind them was that the flying dot (.) isn’t standard on keyboards and apparently it would be easier for it to be a hyphen or full stop.

To finish it off, from now on I would write it as Xarel-lo, say it sha-rel-lo, and most importantly, drink it, plenty of it! Here’s one to get you started >>

One thought on “The Xarel-lo varietal, Or is it Xarello or Xarel.lo?

  1. Rachel says:

    Actually there’s a very good reason for the punt volat (flying full stop). The two l sounds are pronounced separately and without the · (on a mac shift+alt+9) they’d make a completely different sound, ll.
    In the Penedès the x is a ch, in the same way that chocolate in Catalan is spelt with an x: xocolata. You do also hear the sh sound but I’ve never used it.
    We sell lots of xarel·lo!

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