Bank Holiday braai

A barbecue is what we Brits traditionally have on a wet Bank Holiday Weekend. A smoking little pit filled with charcoal that no matter how much meths you squirt on, it refuses to catch until you lean over it, cremating both your eyebrows and guaranteeing your sausages have that ‘caramelised outer with raw inner’ finish, that we all know and love. 

Not this weekend. 

No, this weekend, we are taking the humble BBQ and cranking it up 1000%.  So holster that bag of charcoal and prepare to cook meat South African style. 

Dig out your tongs, locate your umbrella and take part in the Great British Braai Off.

Great British Braai Off

We’re running a national campaign to get you, the Great British public, to braai with a bottle of fine South African wine and post your efforts on social media over the second May Bank Holiday weekend, 23-24 May, 2020, in support of the South African Wine industry. 

Throughout our ongoing season of #isowinetasting we’ve met a wealth of wine producers, heard all about their vineyards and drunk their wines. It’s been a wild ride, who would’ve thought staying in could be so much fun? 

But if we can pull this off, if we can have households up and down our fair land simultaneously cooking over a braai while swigging some absolutely delicious South African wine in the ULTIMATE isolation wine tasting, then we will have achieved our greatest feat this side of COVID-19. 

Not sure how to braai? 

Not to fear, we’ve asked five of our South African winemakers, plus a special guest, to join Elliot live (over on his insta account – @elliotawin), while cooking their favourite braai dishes and telling us about their favourite wines to accompany them. 

“Elliot will also be demonstrating his cooking skills on the braai – live streaming with fire and wine, what could possibly go wrong?”Grab a case (or a bottle of fine South African wine), light the braai and join us at 4pm on Sunday 24th May. Post your efforts on social media using #GBbraaiOff and #SpectacularSouthAfrica.

Grab your Braai Wines today!!

You can purchase the mixed case below, or subsequently you can purchase the individual wines here: 

How to braai

There is just one thing you need to ensure you get right when you have a braai – the coals. 

Making sure you have enough heat to braai the meat will be the difference between a damp squib of a meal and a truly outstanding feast. 

You can braai with different fuels – wood, charcoals or gas. How you choose to fire your braai is up to you and what you have available.

A warning – check out this video of Elliot to see how NOT TO DO IT!

You can basically set up a braai in anything – a wheelbarrow, a firepit, an old drum. As long as your pit can cope with the heat of the braai, you’re laughing. And as we said before, the most important thing when cooking on a braai is getting the right amount of heat from the coals. 

Once you’ve got your braai set up, you’ll need a grill to cook your meat on and some utensils to turn it – tongs preferably. Plus, no braai would be complete without a good stick to poke the embers and move the coals around with. 

For a wood braai

  1. Chop your wood into small, kindling size pieces.
  2. Stack the kindling in a wigwam shape around a firelighter. Light it.
  3. Gradually add larger pieces of wood into the flames. 
  4. Place your grill over the flames and burn it clean, then wipe it down with a steel brush prior to cooking any food on it. 
  5. Use your stick to spread the coals out underneath the grill. Make sure you don’t have any flames before you begin cooking your meat – it’s the heat from the coals that will cook your food, not the flames. 
  6. Place your meat on the grill and turn occasionally to cook evenly.

OK, so that’s pretty much it. See you on Sunday!