Return Your used Bottles For a Discount

In order to keep in line with the sustainability factor of recycling, we are now offering 10% off your next order when you return your used Pull The Cork bottles.

Rather than seeing your bottles heading to landfill sites, we will recycle your empty glass bottles and turn them into our very own personalised candles. We take the empty bottles and we cut off the top of each bottle, leaving the labels in perfect condition. We then highly polish the edge and fill the cut bottles with eco-friendly 100% soy wax, this creates an amazing scented candle for us to sell on.




1. Place an order with Pull The Cork.

2. Save your empty bottles (and box) you would like us to up-cycle into candles.

3. If you’re local to our corporate office (Hammersmith, London), you can hand-deliver them for no charge, or simply ship them to us.

4. We take care of the rest and send you a code for 10% off your next order with us (this can include the purchase of your wine bottle candles).

Join The Candle Club

Similar to a wine club, we have decided to save our customers a trip to the shop by sending them shipments of our recycled wine candles. Get a shipment of a candle once a month to keep your house smelling amazing.

We will ship you 12 different candles made from recycled wine bottles. Each candle will have the actual wine label of the winery still intact. Each candle comes with a unique fragrance that will brighten your senses throughout the year. As a Candle Club member, you will help reduce the huge amount of waste caused by discarded wine bottles at landfill each year.

To recycle your used bottles with us, please use our recycling system and return them to Pull The Cork Limited, 74 Biscay Road, London, W6 8JN. Please make sure we are notified by email to