Pull The Cork Delivery Changes

As some of you might know, starting a business from scratch needs an incredible amount of hard work, determination and passion, and from this, there is a lot of learning. At Pull The Cork, we have encountered some incredible things this year and met a lot of fun people along the way, and I am sure we will keep it that way too! With all this, we have also managed to work with about 8 different couriers to get your wines to you in one piece and within the time frame that we have addressed. A few of your orders have taken a little longer than expected, so we can only apologise for this!

We have some good news though – we’ve found a courier that is willing to support us 100% and we’ve tried and tested them a lot over the past few months successfully, and therefore here on out we should have a secure delivery option to get your wines to you more effectively and more importantly in one piece – you can also now track your orders which minimises the panic that you might go thirsty.

Over the past year, our delivery price structure has also fluctuated quite a lot, this is purely due to the number of different couriers that we have been using. We have been able to generate set prices for certain parts of the country and we now ship to the channel islands, and in early 2019 into Europe too!

As the current climate around the world is suffering from many different crises’, the situation with the value of the British Pound has been well covered and publicised. This situation has and unfortunately will hit people from all walks of life in different ways in the short term, and obviously, we are not an exception.

But being very much a start-up still, and being able to stick to our word as much as we do, we are keeping our delivery prices the same – and unlike our competitors in the sustainable wine market, we actually don’t make a profit on delivery. In doing this we hope that we can make our wonderful wines available to anyone and everyone.

As I want everyone to be clear, I thought this post would provide a complete explanation of the matter. We pride our business on the fact that we are an honest, unique and competitive retailer, and we want to offer the full explanation behind these delivery options as we are aware that it may have affected a couple of our customers. To any of these customers, in question, we do hope that you can understand the need for these tiny changes and we sincerely hope that it improves the quality of our relationship with your wine buying needs.

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