E. Pira Barbera d’Alba 2016

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The total production of the E. Pira Barbera d’Alba was only 3,000 bottles, this makes this wine totally unique, and even more appealing! All the Pira’s vineyards are in the core of Barolo and Barbera and the main ones are Cannubi, Cannubi San Lorenzo and Via Nova. The soil type can be described as calcareous marls, relatively compact and fresher. As a result, the wines are softer and fruitier, and they age relatively rapidly. Pruning takes place in winter while later on, the winegrower selects bunches to reduce the number of fruits when still on the vine. This allows a better concentration of the grapes qualities for the wines. The Barbera is aged for at least one year in oak or chestnut casks. Chiara Boschis, the winemaker, is committed to rigorous grape selection and a strict overview of technicians in charge of the various phases of vinification and maturation.

The E. Pira Barbera d’Alba is a ruby red colour, intense when young, tending to slight garnet. The bouquet is intense yet delicate. The palate is dry, full-bodied and typically bitterish. As it ages it will become more refined creating a full and harmonious flavour. A very tasty cherry-and-beef flavour on a sweet mid-palate followed by a tart, moderately tannic finish.

Some wonderful dishes such as steaks with port-rosemary sauce, lamb and red pepper kebabs or pork tenderloin with balsamic-cranberry sauce can be had with this delicious wine


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