Château St Marguerite Symphonie Rosé Magnum 2017

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The Château St Marguerite Symphonie Rosé Magnum comes from the Cru Classé vineyard; Chateau Saint Marguerite in Provence. Saint Marguerite was purchased in 1977 by Jean-Pierre Fayard and his wife and since then has since grown to become one of Provence’s most dynamic and well-respected estates. The vineyards are incredibly picturesque, and the vines are surrounded by palm trees, looking out over the ocean.

It is this proximity to the sea, and optimum sun exposure, that sets Chateau Sainte Marguerite apart from the rest. In such a warm climate, the cooling sea breeze is essential for quality grape growing. The resulting wines are fresh and vibrant, rather than overly ripe and thin (like many other wines of the region). It’s unsurprising that most of Chateau Sainte Marguerite ‘s vineyards are classified Cru Classé, certified Organic and are suitable for Vegans.

These magnums are both an impressive statement and an insane large bottle of wine!


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