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Rosé Wines are an important category for Pull The Cork. There is a huge demand for Provence Rosé, which is one of the most popular Rosé Wines in the summer. But as well as that other regions offer very good alternatives, for example; some quality natural rosé wines from Spain, which are called “Rosat” are always in demand with the wine clubs & enthusiasts.

Rosé does not necessarily have to be pale to be great. Try for example some of the darker rosés. The best Organic winemakers often chose to leave the wine a little longer on the skins, in order to get a little more colour and flavour. This makes some excellent tasting rosé wine & with minimum intervention, allowing the rosé a little longer on the lees, this offers a fuller flavour. We have great examples of Rosé Wine that you must allow yourself to taste to get the best rosé wine experience.

Our irresistible range of sustainable rosé wines are available in a very wide price range, so you can always find one that suits your budget & palate. At the top end, you find some great labels and magnums. In the mid-range price segment, you will find many small productions with a large variety of flavour and colour. Rest assured, even the lower priced rosés are sustainable. Oh, yes; do try and drink rosé outside of summer for a more enriching experience. You will be surprised by the versatility of our wide range of rosé wines.