One Very Busy Wine-maker! Pieter Walser of Blank Bottle Winery

Blank Bottle

Pieter Walser is not your average winemaker. Working with just one assistant and a couple of part-time cellar hands, he produces 33 different wines using grapes from 68 vineyards. He manages the packaging and designs the labels for all of these wines, and can be viewed as a sort of Doc Green-like experimenting, roving negociant, a plate-spinning lunatic who continues to slake the thirst and boggle the mind of a global legion of New Wave South African wine fans.

Blank Bottle
Peter Walser

Pieter’s innovative Blank Bottle brand (explaining the name, he says “judge my wines on what’s in the bottle, not the varietal on the label), with its almost maniacal expression of different Cape Wine Land regions, microclimates and soil types, and use of unconventional grapes varieties such as Riesling, Fernao Pirez, Clairette and Verdelho among many others, has done more than most to demonstrate the excitement and sense of originality which has taken over South African wine in recent years.   

Arguably more than anywhere else in the world right now, here you have a situation where the quality-obsessed little guy, often possessing no vines of his own but with the inside scoop on where to find the best fruit, is turning the wine industry on its head. Guerrilla winemakers, garagistes, micro negotiants – call them what you will –these adventurous winemakers are where it’s at for a South African wine industry that has put quantity over quality for too long.

Pieter’s portfolio is dizzying in its diversity, each wine telling its own story and giving wine enthusiasts a sea of vinous discovery to dive into. How about his ‘Epileptic Inspiration’ – his homage (in Elgin Semillon form) to the creative liberation he found after having a quite serious epileptic fit? Or his Limbic or Orbitofrontal Cortex – wines he made using his conscious and unconscious mind with the aid of a mobile EEG machine? You get the picture. Pieter is a nut job, a maverick of the very best kind. How he pulls it off we’ll never know, we’re just happy to pull the cork on the wines and hang on for the ride!

Blank Bottle

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