We know for some people choosing wine is a daunting task that doesn’t always end well. So we’ve taken the hassle out of the hustle and put together fantastic wine subscriptions for you to enjoy. 

There is a whole world of monthly subscriptions you can take out, from socks to razor blades to beauty products, and everything in between. 

And yes, there are other monthly wine subscriptions, but there is only one Pull The Cork offering. 

Actually, there are three, but the point is, all these other subscriptions pale in comparison to our mind-blowingly awesome monthly wine subscription. 


Because where else do you get between 6 to 12 bottles of low intervention, sustainably produced wine every month or quarter, hand chosen by us, and delivered safely, directly to your door? 

What other subscription means that once you’re a subscriber you can sit on your sofa with a glass of delicious organic wine in your hand, smug in the knowledge that not only are you drinking the most desirable wines from winemaking regions the world over, but you’ve also bagged yourself an additional 15% off any other wine purchases that you make with PTC. 

See, we told you our subscription was epic. Who wants cheap razor blades now?

So that’s the outline of our subscription service. But what do you actually get in your monthly or quarterly wine delivery and is it value for money

The Dabbler – Quarterly Starter Case

For £40 The Dabbler is the gift that keeps on giving. Simply sign up for 6 or 12 months, and in that time you’ll receive 6 bottles of low sulphur, sustainable, vegan-friendly wines every 3 months (worth at least £120). 

Every bottle of wine that we include in this subscription case has been personally selected for inclusion because it is not only delicious, but it is an esoteric wine that we think you need to try. 

We scour the globe looking for these fantastic little gems from small wineries, made by winemakers who truly understand what it takes to make a great bottle of wine. From organic to vegan, sustainable to natural, we include something for everyone to enjoy on their wine journey with us. 

Did we mention that with every wine subscription you get so much more than just wine? Extra incentives to join us include 15% off all future wine purchases and exclusive invitations to wine tastings and supper clubs (when we’re allowed to socialise again that is), and much, much more. 

If you’d like your wine a little more frequently, why not opt for the next tier of subscription, The Discovery.

The Discovery – Monthly Case

For £100 per month, you get an outstanding case of sustainable, low sulphur and vegan-friendly wines. Simply sign up for 6 or 12 months, and in that time you’ll receive a monthly delivery of 6 wines, of which 3 will be featured in a virtual zoom tasting. It’s not hard to see why this is our most popular wine subscription. 

Included in this subscription is free delivery as well as 15% off future wine purchases with us, plus invitations to exclusive wine tastings, supper clubs and much more (you just need to commit to a minimum subscription of 6 months).

Like The Dabbler, all the wine included in this case has been carefully hand-selected by our expert team of wine buyers who aren’t just knowledgeable about wine, they actively seek out the very best of little known wines from independent mindful winemakers, to tantalise and treat your tastebuds. 

This case is limited to just 100 customers per year, so once the subscription is full there are no more sign-ups.

Not exclusive enough for you? Then check out The Bold Adventure

The Bold Adventure – Monthly Case

This bad boy has it all. Volume, class, sex appeal… 

For £250 per month (with a minimum commitment of 6 months), you get 12 bottles of wine that you would never normally see. Interesting, highly coveted and small production wines from all around the globe. You will be part of one of the most unique clubs the world has ever known, and this club is open to just 10 members – when it’s full, it’s full. 

Why just 10 subscriptions? Because we are showcasing some of the most limited, rare and exclusive wines available. Volume isn’t the game here – with The Bold Adventure you’ll get access to wines that consumers never see. Think of this subscription as your own personal sommelier service. Cast aside all doubt and open your eyes to this incredible opportunity, it isn’t something that comes along every day, and remember, when the slots are filled, it’s too late. 

So what are you waiting for? Join us on our voyage of wine discovery and take out a subscription for something you actually look forward to each month.