Meet the Steve Jobs of the Natural Wine Industry

Steve Jobs
Last Updated: April 6th, 2021

When we think of the name Steve Jobs, we can’t help but think of what the man brought not only to Apple but the entire digital device industry. It’s a name synonymous with not only innovation and creativity but also an understanding of what the customers want that blew the competition out of the water.

At Pull The Cork, we have our very own Steve Jobs of the natural wine industry. It’s none other than James Nathan, our head of hydration.


With a decade of experience in all things grape-related, from making wines to sourcing and selling them to merchants in the industry, James Nathan has learned plenty about the industry and how to give it the shake-up it needed. Bringing tech expertise to the winemaking world, he created Pull The Cork, a site dedicated to making and sourcing natural wines. With biodynamic, vegan, and organic options that others simply don’t offer, Pull The Cork brings an adventure and authenticity craved by a market much more connected and eager to explore new tastes than ever before.


A thirst for adventure and a passion for design fuels Pull The Cork, all part of James Nathan’s approach to creating the perfect wine marketplace. After working in the hospitality industry, designing menus and creating cookbooks, he’s applied all he’s learned to creating a website that not only offers a convenient way to find new tastes but one that also celebrates the uniqueness of the bottles on offer.


It takes more than a love of wine to create a good wine-selling website, of course. Jobs was not only a visionary, but he was also a pragmatist, too. Similarly, James knows how to turn that passion for wine into something truly digestible for anyone who takes an interest. As the head of a tech company, he has learned the importance of user experience and in creating the easiest possible way to find exactly what you’re looking for online. That focus on the user is a crucial underpinning of Pull The Cork, which offers a slew of features to help you find the perfect bottle, hosting the key factors of vegan wines, sustainable farming, natural wines, and biodynamic wines up front.

The Wozniak Factor

Jobs didn’t create Apple, himself, he had some help along the way. Every Steve Jobs needs a Steve Wozniak, too, the perfect partner to complement them. In Pull The Cork’s case, that’s Moritz Bak, our partner in wine. With a degree in Oenology and nearly a decade of experience in wine production, including running his own vineyard, he brings a love of wine to match James Nathan’s with the technical expertise and experience to make Pull The Cork the website and business that you see before you, today. That team is what has helped Pull The Cork explode onto the internet since its founding in 2018.

Under the partnership of James & Moritz, Pull The Cork will continue to delight adventurous wine lovers with a growing range of hard-to-find wines from around the world. Making it easier to bring tastes you’ve never experienced to your table and into your glasses is what our work is all about.

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