A recent article by The IWSR stated that as social distancing was fast becoming the new norm, that anything or anyone who can offer ‘a sense of discovery, community and social giving will do well in today’s climate’.

Let’s face it, social distancing was never going to come between people and their wine, so we reimagined socialising at home during lockdown.

We don’t want to see adverts reminding us of the good times we aren’t having.
So here at Pull The Cork we hope we’ve hit the right note with you through our social media campaigns – we’re all in this together, and right now, it’s all about surviving these weird times.

Lockdown didn’t have to be lonely with our interactive virtual instagram tastings – so we teamed up with a handful of our favourite suppliers to deliver the (previously named; Isolation Wine Tasting Series); virtual zoom tastings.

Virtual Wine Tasting

The Past, and The Future

In the past we ran our tastings by purchasing a single tasting on the website, this was time consuming, so we have simplified the process a little. In the future all you need to do is subscribe to our wine subscription “The Dabbler” this is a monthly delivery of 6 wines, of which 3 will be featured in a virtual zoom tasting bi-monthly.


How Does it Work?

To join in, all you have to do is order some top-notch wine from the Pull The Cork wine tasting subscription (that you might not ordinarily choose to drink), wait for it to be delivered to your home, and then sit back down on your couch (still in your jim-jams), and be all cultured and whatnot from the comfort of your very own living room.

2 wines glasses per person

The wines ordered from us!

A spittoon, or something similar

A pen and paper

Some dry biscuits as a palate cleanser

What’s been featured in the Past Tastings?

To name a few we’ve had a virtual tour of Payten and Jones Winery (in Australia), meeting Behn and Troy – the brains behind this particular brand. We’ve met Erni Loosen, the doyen of Riesling; and Kathy & Gary Jordan from Jordan Wines, Stellenbosch, South Africa

What can I look forward to:

Just when you think we might be running out of steam; we’ve only gone and cranked it up a notch: In future wine tasting events we will be exploring the wines of regional france and the varietals of Portugal + Exploring a single Grape Variety and countries in three wines.

If you’ve loved these tasting as much as we have, why let the fun stop when the house arrest lifts? Keep your world getting rocked on a regular basis with one of our wine subscriptions, and enjoy 15% off all our wines!