Are you looking for an exciting Investment Opportunity?

We are always looking for new ideas, and new people to work with. The interest and demand for health and health-conscious products continue to increase. Pull The Cork concentrates on the sustainable, environmental and health segment of the wine market. Within a declining wine market, this builds a strong growth area.

We wholeheartedly believe that the sustainably produced wine scene has never seen such exciting times, with an explosion of adventurous and exciting wines emerging from a new wave of inventive artisan producers.

Our website describes clearly what we’ve created, the opportunity presented from this, the commercial traction we’ve gained and how positively the UK’s media have featured us.

In August 2019 we designed our very own bespoke packaging, that has been specifically designed for PTC. The packaging has been signed off by two major couriers that it’s safe and durable to use in both UK and EU shipments. 

Please reach out to our Head of Hydration, James, direct by email or phone below and he’ll be happy to take this further. Thank you in advance for your interest in us. | 0203-780-4896

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