Introducing you to the wines of Château Léoube

Château Léoube

You Win Some, You Lose Some

Starting a start-up is hard work, starting a start-up in the wine trade – a highly competitive market – it’s next to impossible. Trying to interact and please everyone is hard work – but if like us you thrive from hard work and pleasing people, then, in the long run, it will pay off (at least I keep telling myself this). Over the past 7 months, Moritz and I have gained 35 suppliers who supply and deliver the stunning wines that you have all very kindly bought from us – these suppliers believe in our philosophy – and the sustainable side of the market. Some of them don’t – but not everyone will – that’s life. Last week we lost a supplier, and some lovely lower end priced wines, but from that, I bounced back and gained a collection of wines that I have always wanted to list.

Château Léoube

Château Léoube was founded by the owners of Daylesford Organic in 1997 – noted as one of the UK’s most sustainable farms – who were utterly seduced by this Chateau in Provence and set out to make wines with true French character whilst remaining respectful to nature.

They are better known for producing Rosé, but we have been given exclusive access to their whole range – this, of course, does include all their large formats – so if you’re thinking of having a party any time soon you know who to contact!! The organic rosé by Château Léoube – is just the perfect summer drink whether it’s enjoyed as an aperitif or over a long lazy lunch. The vines are grown on the coastal edge of the protected site of Cape Bénat in the south of France, Château Léoube’s organic vineyard enjoy the perfect combination of warm sunny days and cool breezy evenings due to its idyllic location.

Set in 560 hectares the Château Léoube estate includes 65 hectares of vineyards and 20 hectares of olive groves, all devoted to growing the grapes and olives that make Léoube’s award-winning wines and olive oils. Following a simple philosophy, Château Léoube believes in strengthening the land’s biodiversity by using traditional growing methods. All grapes and olives are harvested by hand whilst being mindful of the seasonal and lunar cycles, which all add to the delicate complexity of the wines that are produced.

The method used to make Château Léoube rosé begins when they harvest and sort the grapes manually before being transported to the storehouse. Under the experienced supervision of Romain Ott (who handles productions for Château Léoube), he ensures the winery is organised so that grapes do not undergo any alteration before being pressed.

Born into a family of winegrowers for the last four generations, Romain Ott is an agronomic engineer and specialises in oenology (the science and study of winemaking). Romain’s passion and dedication to his family’s philosophy is the driving force behind the production of wine and olive oils at Château Léoube and has been since 2000.

Pull The Cork has been given exclusive access to these incredible wines – we are now stocking the whole range – all the Reds, Rosés, Whites, Sparkling’s, Large Format’s and Special releases – these are on a first come first served basis though!

Château Léoube

Thank you, and catch you next week,

James & Moritz

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