How we’re making Pull The Cork eco-friendly in 2019 🌲♻


Going green: How we’re making Pull The Cork eco-friendly in 2019🌲🌳♻

From gloomy news on CO2 emissions, through to the rise of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the message is getting clearer by the day: if we’re going to ‘save the planet’, then now’s most definitely the time to change our ways, and create more eco-friendly rules!

Those that still rely heavily on plastic, or who leave their customers with a mini-mountain of packaging waste with each delivery, are in danger of looking seriously out of touch. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, and more than ever before, they actively choose to buy from companies who act responsibly.

For keeping waste (and costs) to a minimum, as well as for doing your bit for the planet, going green is a New Year’s resolution (perhaps starting with Lent) that all businesses should seriously consider!!

Becoming more eco-friendly can result in cost savings right across our business. As an example; smarter, more streamlined packaging is generally speaking – cheaper and easier to pack and send, reducing our spend on warehouse labour and shipping, and of course – hopefully reducing the cost to the end consumer (you).

What eco-friendly packaging will you start to use?

We are starting to use some eco-friendly packaging from Italy. The Packaging has been tested with all of the leading national and international couriers and has been shown to guarantee maximum reliability in the transport of fragile products (glass). So our bottled liquids (wine) – will travel in absolute safety. Since the packaging is made solely from corrugated cardboard, it is available at a very competitive price with respect to other packaging currently on the market. The packaging (with no name) we are introducing respects the environment – as it is made entirely from cardboard, it is a 100% recyclable form of packaging. Another great reason to use it.!! ♻

We will be fading out our plastic packaging over the coming months, so don’t be surprised if you see one or two being delivered!



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