How To Use The Website

We all know that some mainstream wine websites can be impossible to navigate, so we have spent some time perfecting the simple checkout process.

If you know the colour of the wine you’re after, all you need to do is click on it on the top of the home page, from there you can navigate through our simple categories on the left-hand side.

Once you have chosen a wine, you can increase or decrease the order size by using the simple plus or minus signs. From here you can go to your cart (top right) and simply checkout, or you can add more wines to your cart…All products are quoted as individual bottles and cases.

We have a minimum order of 6 bottles or 3 magnums (unless purchasing a mixed case, or a large format) of any one wine. We have done some research and found that on the average month, you drink two bottles, take two to a dinner party, and give two away.

We wouldn’t want you to run out! If you’d rather sample a wine, you can buy one of our mixed cases, these share the same delivery price of £8 – if ordered individually.

Order Tracking

When you have placed an order with us, you will be given a consignment number, and a link to the courier tracking site – here you can track the progress of your order. Subsequently, you can contact us!