Five Summer Wines You’ve Never Heard Of!

summer wines

Five summer wines you’ve never heard of, but should almost certainly try! A lot of wine-lovers these days tend to walk into a shop, or buy online what they already know, so that’s where we come in – our job is to help you navigate through the maze of sustainable wine, and trust me even I get lost looking! The main reason I created Pull The Cork – was to create a user-friendly platform for wine-lovers (like you) to easily navigate through. I spend most of my life skimming through social media and magazines to see what people are drinking, the usual suspects are Pinot Grigio, Provence Rosè, Malbec…

These below are the five summer wines that I really think you need to try. I love each and every one of them, so your risk has been substantially mitigated. You can take my word for it, each one of these is amazing. So go for it. Branch out a little.

Domaine Dupeuble Beaujolais, AOC 2016

summer wines

This beautiful AOC Certified Organic Beaujolais is a light red wine and is full of morello cherry, blackcurrants and raspberry fruit on the palate. It’s medium-bodied and smooth, with a slightly rustic finish. There is more red berry fruit than what you’d usually get from say a Pinot Noir and you can drink it refrigerated, or even at room temperature. It’s the perfect summer park wine, and unlike a lot of reds we buy these days, this one is drinkable immediately!!

Douloufakis Dafnios Vidiano 2017

Summer Wines

A bit of a mouthful to say this one, but the Douloufakis Dafnios Vidiano is highly rated and very accessible. This wine is medium – to full-bodied, with an acidity that is remarkably fresh, given the warm, humid climate on Crete. The aromas and flavours present a broad spectrum of fruit flavours – such as lime, quince, peach and even mango. Being specific here – and being from Greece It goes well with smoked sardines with cherry tomatoes and thyme, squid stuffed with sautéed celery, tomato and onions or barbecued chicken wings.

Ebner Ebenauer Grüner Veltliner 2017

Austria is interesting to me, they make wines that are so colourful in flavour, wines where you can stick your nose in the glass, and they just keep on giving – these wines really make you salivate, and are the perfect wine for getting your summer BBQ started! This wine I discovered at a tasting not so long ago, it is simply outstanding!! The style is one of elegance and freshness, with superb intensity and grip married to bright fruit on the palate. The Ebner Ebenauer Grüner has purity with an intensity of spice and attractive aromas of ripe pear. Juicy apple fruit flavours come through on the palate, with white pepper and subtle mineral notes with crunchy fruit and vibrant acidity.

Lectores Vini Pomagrana 2017

Summer Wines

You may have seen me recently blurting about this wine on Social Media – it’s one of those summer wines that you just cannot forget! This wine is very very refreshing – it has a super long finish, which makes it the perfect food wine, it’s also incredibly easy to consume! The Lectores Vini Pomagrana is a fresh and mineral wine. Aromas of tart raspberry, cranberry, and pomegranate fruit… almost a deep rosé. Serve chilled alongside cheese, charcuterie, fish, and any spicy dishes including Thai or Vietnamese food. Oh, and by the way, this wine fully supports the Pull The Cork Ethos, by being Certified Organic, Biodynamic, Natural and suitable for Vegans! It’s got everything!! 

Quinta Espinhosos Arrabalde 2016

Summer Wines

I always save the best till last, this wine is a blend from Portugal which consists of Avesso, Alvarinho, and Arinto, these grapes are all grown in the vineyard of the Quinta dos Espinhosos estate which is located in the subregion of Baião. This wine is created following strict Organic Principles which really are really quite obvious when you pour yourself a glass! A pale yellow-tone blend of Avesso, Alvarinho, and Arinto with lime leaf and orange blossom aromas. Bright, juicy greengage plums, apricot and citrus flavours make for a crisp and vibrant. This fantastic wine really goes well with any white fish or meat – it’s really very versatile! 

If you still can’t pick one of these fantastic options – we have a category called “Summer is Coming” here you can pick out all our summer wines, and we even have our new addition to the site – the Sampler Cases. We have selected these three bottle sampler cases for you try, test and sample. The idea of trying a wine taster case with a selection of different organic wines has always been popular with wine-lovers. You can choose a varied selection of our 3 bottle wine cases here


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