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5 Fantastic Food and Organic Wine Pairings

Corporate Wine Tasting Events

Some food and organic wine pairings just work even better than others. We all know there are certain pairings that just work well together – gin and tonic, salt and vinegar, Ant and Dec, organic wine and cheese.  But organic wine doesn’t come in just one flavour, and so what works for one type of […]

Chef Comes To Your Rescue: 4 Best Wine Pairings For Pancake Day

Pancake Day

Wine pairings for Pancake Day? True pancake lovers know that wine pairing is never easy to handle with a combination of sweet and sour flavours. Luckily, here’s a helping hand to tackle the problem. We’ve teamed up with Ballymaloe trained Chef Fred Hills to help you out! We asked Fred to share with us his favourite […]

Wine Pairings with Comfort Food? Best Reds and Whites

comfort food

Wine pairings with comfort food? As the weather draws in, many of us find ourselves working longer hours, not seeing daylight, and giving up on new years resolutions, so, therefore, craving steaming piles of macaroni and cheese and heaps of comfort food whilst snuggled up on the sofa with the right wines to match. What […]

How to Pair Wine With a Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast Sandwich

I understand that you might be like, does this guy really drink at breakfast….? My answer to that is, rather than the word ‘drink’, I use the word ‘enjoy’. Just like a Bellini, having a glass of low alcohol wine at breakfast, on a nice relaxing weekend is just perfect! After all the weekend is […]

5 Healthy Autumn Recipes And The Best Wines To Pair With

autumn recipes

The evenings here in London are drawing in rapidly. Only a month ago the sun was setting at a leisurely, life inducing 8 pm. Now it’s gone soon after 6 pm. The sun is regressing to a childhood bedtime, the sky has snapped, drained of warming light, replaced with that thin vaulted ceiling that comes […]