Meeting with Alex and Henry from “The Uncommon”

The Uncommon

Today Eelco and I (James) met Henry and Alex from the wine brand The Uncommon. They specialise in sustainably grown grapes from Various English producers, which is (at the moment) sourced from the South of England, and may I add – this wine is almost certainly the best English sparkling wine I have ever had, let alone coming from a can…

“Uncommon Henry” as he’s known as, is apparently impatient (although we didn’t see this side of him). He loves tea. and is also apparently a good judge of character. Whereas “Uncommon Alex” is sensitive and more of a craftsman/designer. He stated that he’s a good listener except when he’s tired, and he admires the good craftsmanship.  He can’t stand mushrooms, it’s the texture (apparently…). This duo together makes an awesome team, and have created a truly insane product and brand – certainly something that will gather quite the following this summer!

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