We are an independent online wine business.
We Specialise in sustainably produced – natural, biodynamic, vegan and organic wines.

James Nathan
The Originator

Always keen to discover and explore exciting new wines, James has spent a decade selling, making and sourcing wine for small independent wine merchants, finding the time for a healthy amount of sampling throughout. He has six years experience in the hospitality and marketing industries designing menus, creating recipes for cookery books, creating websites, and building brands for small businesses. He has put his experiences together to create this user-friendly website for oenophiles and daily drinkers alike. On weekends you will find James either on an adventure or having some much-needed family time in the west-country. The wine he won’t be seen without is the Anima Negre, A/N 2.


Moritz Bak
My Partner In Wine

Moritz is an incredibly creative and motivated Swiss-born winemaker. Qualified with a degree in Oenology from Plumpton College, he has over 9 years experience in wine production, running and owning a highly successful vineyard in Maury, Côtes du Roussillon (Res Fortes). He’s currently travelling the world promoting his brand. You will find his small selection of wines on the site. Moritz never stops – on weekends you will find him either making or selling wine. His favourite wine is, of course, his own!

Christopher Bullivant
Our Guest Blogger

Chris Bullivant is a British writer living in Pimlico, London. A published commentator and speechwriter, he has a palate shaped by his love of Spanish culture and years lived in Washington DC neighbouring Virginia’s many wineries, enjoying rustic Riojas or metallic Pinot grigio’s.

Pull The Cork is owned and operated by James Nathan and Moritz Bak – we are a young, dynamic and an extremely passionate team.

We believe that people are growing more and more conscious about their health and the environment. They also, therefore, take a large interest in the products they use, where they are coming from, and how they are made.

We source our wines from all over the world, and we also like to offer our customers something from less known varieties and countries. The vast majority of our wines are natural, either produced using organic or biodynamic methods, fermented with indigenous yeast, and made with some minimum interventions from the picking in the vineyard all the way to the bottle. We are simply after quality, natural produce and diversity.

Whether it’s simple wines for the everyday table, impressive wines for those special occasions, or a wedding wine for that special day. We pride our business on being an easy to use website for the very best sustainably produced wines that are out there.

How are we different from any other wine shop?

Pull The Cork is the only independent online shop for sustainably produced wine.

How would I know these wines are up to spec?

We’ve spent the last decade sourcing these incredible wines. We’re constantly trying to cover every price point, region, style, occasion and sustainability. These wines have been tasted rigorously by the team and have also been poured by some of the Uk’s top Sommeliers.

Our wines are sourced from wholesalers that sell to the UK’s top restaurants, making the wines we have totally unique. The vast majority of these wines, you won’t find anywhere else. There is also a small percentage of our wines that are on an allocation basis, so only we have exclusive access to sell these incredibly diverse wines.

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