We are an independent online wine business.
We Specialise in sustainably produced – natural, biodynamic, vegan and organic wines.

meet the team

James Nathan
Head of Hydration

James has spent a decade selling, making and sourcing wine for small independent wine merchants, finding the time for a healthy amount of sampling throughout. With a family background of hospitality, and several years’ experience of his own in the hospitality industry designing menus and creating recipes for cookery books – his passions never stop. James also runs a tech company which has helped bind these experiences together to create this user-friendly website for low intervention wine lovers.

Moritz Bak
My Partner In Wine

Moritz is an incredibly creative and motivated Swiss-born winemaker. Qualified with a degree in Oenology from Plumpton College, he has over 9 years experience in wine production, running and owning a highly successful vineyard in Maury, Côtes du Roussillon (Res Fortes). He’s currently travelling the world promoting his brand. You will find his small selection of wines on the site. Moritz never stops – on weekends you will find him either making or selling wine. His favourite wine is, of course, his own!

Alexandra Johnson
Creative Copywriter

Aly, previously a Royal Air Force officer is now a creative copywriter with oodles of experience across multiple industries, however her heart and soul lie in food and drink. When she isn’t trying to persuade her husband to open a bottle of Puligny-Montrachet, she can be found quaffing Picpoul or supping on South African Malbec. Aly is also an avid contributor to the Huffington Post.

Built out of pure passion, Pull The Cork was founded by James Nathan and Moritz Bak in 2018. Two school friends – reunited and both working in the wine trade. Moritz a winemaker, and James a wine merchant found a gap in the market and created Pull The Cork. We believe that people are growing more and more conscious about their health and the environment. They also, therefore, take a large interest in the products they use, where they are coming from, and how they are made. The vast majority of our wines are natural, either produced using organic or biodynamic methods, fermented with indigenous yeast, and made with some minimum interventions from the picking in the vineyard all the way to the bottle. We are simply after quality, natural produce and diversity.

What we believe

We wholeheartedly believe that the sustainably produced wine scene has never seen such exciting times, with an explosion of adventurous and exciting wines emerging from a new wave of inventive artisan producers. We are truly passionate about wines crafted by real people with a real sense of adventure and authenticity, from grapes grown by actual farmers who care about their vineyards. These are the true unsung heroes of the wine industry, and it is our intention to make it easier than ever before for you to access their delicious wines for yourself. If you’re the kind of person who loves discovering new things, that believes in supporting passionate people and who wants to be surprised, then Pull The Cork is the wine partner for you.

The Future 

We will continue to expand our range with the most sought-after and hard-to-find wines from all over the world. We want to make it simpler for you to get these wines on your tables, in your fridges and in your glasses, so expect to see plenty of new producers on the website, a handful of wine tasting events and plenty more excitement!

We’re going to turn you into an expert in the sustainable wine scene because you shouldn’t need a PhD to drink these wines. Check out The Pull The Cork Blog and demystify the world of low Intervention wine..

James & Moritz