A night with Ramekins & Wine

Ramekins & Wine
Last Updated: May 20th, 2021

We had the amazing opportunity to showcase some of our sustainable, biodynamic and natural wines to match the incredible food that Thea and Jamie had presented to us, what an evening it was!!

What is Ramekins & Wine supper club? 

Ramekins & Wine is an immersive 7 course, 7 wine, 1 game London supper club designed to show how brilliantly the right food and wine pairing go together. We sat down at 7:30, to be presented with a card, the card had some wine grapes on, and some questions which as a group you have to match the wine to the card tasted blind. 7 wines, with 7 ramekins full of stunning food – what a simple yet brilliant idea!! It would seem that I definitely need to do some practice on my blind tasting though!!

In a nutshell, it has all the elements of a dinner party with friends, but without any of the fuss. A fantastic way of meeting new people, and networking.

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