5 Fantastic Food and Organic Wine Pairings

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We all know there are certain pairings that just work well together – gin and tonic, salt and vinegar, Ant and Dec, organic wine and cheese. 

But organic wine doesn’t come in just one flavour, and so what works for one type of food might not work for another. Of course, the truth of the matter is that you can eat pretty much whatever you want, washed down with whatever wine you want. 

However, there are some food and wine pairings that just work even better than others. These are the tried and tested fantastic food and wine combinations that irrefutably work, meaning you get an incredible taste experience each and every mealtime. 

So what are these awesome food and wine pairings that you should try?  

1. Seafood and Sparkling Wine

OK, this is one of the best food and drink combinations known to humankind. There is very little that can beat the pairing of the delicate saltiness of seafood washed down with a glass of fizz. 

Why does this combination work so well? Because the acidity and effervescent nature of sparkling wine enliven one’s palate, balancing the flavours from both the fish and fizz, resulting in harmonium on your taste buds. 

You don’t have to go all out and drink champagne with oysters (though of course if you want to, why the devil not, eh?)

No, we’re suggesting something a little more cost-friendly, a prosecco or even a naturally sparkling Pet Nat will work well. And it doesn’t have to be served with oysters either – any seafood is instantly given a pep up with some sparkle. From sushi to fish and chips, this is a match made in gastronomy heaven. 

2. Food and Wine From The Same Locale

Remember this basic food and wine pairing rule and you will hit the nail on the head every time – you can’t go wrong with the food that comes from where the grapes are grown. What does that mean? 

It means if you’re eating oysters they taste delicious washed down with Chablis (fossilised remains of oysters can frequently be found in Chablis soil). Or a Picpoul de Pinet (a crisp white wine produced in Languedoc-Roussillon in southwest France). 

Or how about accompanying tapas in Seville with fino sherry? 

The point is, food (and drink) that grows together, goes together. 

3. Red meat and Red Wine

This goes without saying, but pair something meaty with a full-bodied wine – it’s all about creating balance after all. Is there anything more mouthwateringly sumptuous than a chargrilled ribeye steak washed down with a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon (or any other full-bodied red really)?

But here’s the thing, you don’t have to just drink red wine with red meat. Controversial. But hear us out. 

The ‘only drink white wine with fish’ rule is rubbish. Ignore it. 

Yes, fish can be enhanced with a lighter, white wine, and a sirloin steak might call for a punchy Malbec, but that isn’t always the case. Take tuna, for example. 

Tuna is an excellent fish that works beautifully in tandem with a light, delicate Pinot Noir, or a red from the Loire Valley. Salmon goes well with these wines too.

4. Chinese Takeout and Rosé

You might think this a strange combo, considering we advised above that terroir plays a large part in combining food and drink, and seeing as China isn’t renowned for its rosé wine you could roll right past this one, but trust us on this. 

Yes, there may be better wines for individual component parts of your Chinese takeout – dim sum pairs beautifully with fizz (for example) and Cantonese duck likes a delicate Pinot Noir. Which is why rosé works so well. 

You see Pinot Noir rosé can follow you comfortably through the entire meal, from starter to dessert, from prawn toast to sweet and sour chicken and onto the fortune cookies. A good rosé can take it all. 

Not sure of this? Then go German and drink Riesling. It works. It just does. 

5. Anything and German Riesling 

Leading on from the above comment – German Riesling works with any type of food. With its fruity apple and pear and citrus notes, Riesling can handle almost anything you throw at it. Tex Mex? Yes. Chinese? Yup. Sunday Roast? You betcha. Seafood. Thai. Cheese. You name it, German Riesling will pair perfectly. 

P.s. Have you heard of the 31 days of Riesling campaign we’re taking part in? It’s an absolutely outstanding initiative developed by the trade body Wines of Germany to help raise awareness of this quaffable delight. Keen to try a Riesling? Try one of our many from the selection here >>.

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